Estate Property – A Gift to Following Generations

Estate Property - A Gift to Following Generations

This was my first time in my life to need a realtor. Cyndi helped me tremendously when I needed to sell a house. Cyndi relieved a great stress in my life as she advised and handled the sale of the house. She was both personal and professional. She patiently explained the process and steps for selling the house as possible buyers approached her with their interest in the house. I’m so glad she knew the right professionals for certain services that needed to be done during the process of selling the house. Cyndi knew what possible buyers would truly be happy for the house in central east Austin for the price we were asking. I’m very happy with the proceeds received from the sale and the quick timeline from start to closing. It was great to know Cyndi with her great smile and positive encouragement.

— M26ram26 - M. Ramos,